♦ What is smile designing?

Smile is a complex posture which involves various muscles of the face and visualizes the teeth in major. When teeth are irregular, protruded, decayed or dark , the smile becomes affected. This is common and known and can be treated by Orthodontics, Bonded Fillings, whitening etc.

When the teeth as a whole or individually is not in a suitable relation with the lips and the contour of the face, It will affect your smile as well as the overall beauty of your face. These problems can be corrected by Smile make over or Smile designing. Only an expert Smile makeover specialist with sufficient training and experience can properly diagnose the problems and treat them with lasting results.

The treatment involves various procedures like, Contouring, Whitening, Bonding, Veneers, Crowns, Simple orthodontics, Minor surgeries etc.

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♦ How long the treatment will take?

We respect your time. We are committed in finishing your treatment in the shortest time span. The initial consultation, diagnostic tools like Photographs, X-rays etc can be transferred online, Digital smile designing and mock up, its corrections are also done online. So most of the time consuming procedures are done beforehand and will save at least 2 to 3 clinic visits by doing so.

The same problem can be solved in different ways. The treatment span depends on the problems to be corrected, Mode of treatment selected and the health condition of the oral tissues. For example a single protruded front tooth can be corrected by Orthodontics ( Braces) and it may take few months to complete where as if treated with metal free crown or veneer it can be done within a few days.

♦ How much does it cost?

Again the treatment cost depends on the number of teeth involved, treatments needed and materials used. It can vary from Rs 2000 to Lacks depending on the above factors.

♦ Is my modified Smile Permanent?

The life span of the treatments done depends on the materials used, health of the oral tissues and the quality of the oral hygiene maintenance by the patient. The modern materials gives a life of 10-20 years for the restorations.

♦ Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening is not permanent, but while last for years if proper care is taken. It may need a booster session after a few years when the colour starts to fade .

♦ Is the treatment painful?

Dr Bonny is a national award winner for successfully incorporating painless treatment equipments available globally and implementing them effectively in his practice. He is the winner of Technosavvy dentist of the year 2014 by Famdent and was awarded at Mumbai in Jan 2015.

He is very keen in maintaining his practice pain free , so he takes every possible step to make the entire procedure painless and comfortable to his clients.

♦ Will the doctor listen to my problems, ideas and needs or he just treat according to his ideas?

Most of our patients are unsatisfied patients from other dentists. We do understand why they are unsatisfied, most of the time it’s because the doctor dictates the treatment or they are very rude. Dr Bonny is a soft and patient doctor and a good listener too, He understands the problems and suggest solutions, do trials, mock ups and conclude to a treatment only with the consent of the patient. Most of the issues are solved during Digital Smile Designing and direct Mock up.